Circular Economy Resources

The REFLOW Capacity Building Toolkit (RCBT) is a ‘how to’ resource supporting and sustaining the design and development of capacity building for the transition to circular and regenerative cities. The RCBT is developed by the REFLOW project. This toolkit aims to offer a set of practical resources to assist cities and their local stakeholders in developing a capacity building programme that can enable them to reach their circular economy objectives. The toolkit aims to be a useful guide for setting up a step by step approach to develop new skills and competences towards circular economy.

Access the toolkit here.

Discover circular economy best practices supporting the transition to a circular city.

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Reflow community of practice is an online platform for cities, businesses, and citizens to explore, share and implement circular practices and strategies to tackle urban challenges. By encouraging knowledge exchange and co-creation, we aim to break down information silos and fuel multi-stakeholder collaboration and innovation.

Access the REFLOW Forum here.

Explore other Circular Resources to find relevant online material on the Circular Economy here